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What are passion presentations?

The passion presentation is a 90 second performance or presentation that showcases the pastime or hobby that you are most passionate about! Click below for examples of what Passion Presentations can look like.

Example A

Example B

are passion presentations Required?

Yes, Passion Presentations are required. They will be a judged portion of the event, but have a special set of judging requirements. No matter how the passion is presented or performed, the participant is only judged on how passionate she is about the activity that she is doing.

IS There still talent?

No, there is no longer a talent portion of the event. Although, participants are still welcome to perform their talents if that is something they are truly passionate about. We do encourage all participants to express as to why they are passionate about that given activity whether it be a slideshow, a voiceover, a poster, or even speaking a few words before or after they perform.

What if i don’t know what to do for my passion presentation?

1. Reflect on your hobbies and interests. When thinking about what to prepare for your passion presentation, ask yourself: “What hobby or pastime do I love more than anything?” Choose something that you currently work hard to excel at or start with a hobby that you have been wanting to take up.

2. Get creative! Take some time to brainstorm creative and entertaining ways that you can share your passion with the audience. For example, if you have a passion for raising awareness about recycling, consider teaching the audience about recycling through poetry or music!

Still unsure of what to do for your passion presentation?

We’re here to help! Sometimes it takes a bit of exploring to help find what each participant is passionate about, and we want to assist on that journey. Passion Presentations can range from showing off artwork, writing a motivational speech, sharing stories about volunteering, training your service dog, and SO much more. If you would like assistance in finding more examples or have any questions regarding Passion Presentations, don’t hesitate to reach out at mn@missamazing.org!