We are excited to be at our new venue, Lakeville South High School on April 6th.  Please visit this page to learn more about the venue and to order tickets.

venue information


Please bring the following at registration:

  • 5 cans of food (the only cost to participate)

  • Snacks and/or dinner (for those with specific dietary needs)

  • Evening wear clothing, accessories, and shoes for the final show.

    • Please place accessories, shoes, make-up etc. in a grocery bag or a small, lightweight bag labeled with the participant’s name and age group.

    • Dresses can be dropped off at the registration table (along with the labeled bag containing shoes, accessories, etc). After registration is complete, we will place the dresses in the changing room.

  • A positive attitude!

You will receive a t-shirt to wear that day. Please wear jeans or comfortable pants and comfortable shoes for the day. Participants will change into their evening wear clothes later in the afternoon.

All of our participants will be introduced to their buddy immediately following registration, in time for the orientation.  They will sit with their buddy in the auditorium with the other participants.  During the orientation/welcome, we will go over the complete schedule, important announcements, and start celebrating! It is important that at least one parent/guardian be present, especially if any last minute announcements need to be made. 

At the end of orientation, parents will attend a brief parent meeting to discuss details of the day.  Afterward, they will leave the auditorium to give the participants the opportunity to build confidence and rapport with their buddy. Of course, parents/guardians that need to stay with their participant the entire day due to toileting, feeding, etc. are welcome to stay. For all others, you are free to leave or spend your day on site.

Immediately following orientation, we will begin rehearsals!


Interview is the first skill area each lady will participate in during our day.  Details of the interviews are as follows:

  • 2 minute interview with 3 of our 5 judges

  • Some questions will be based on responses from the overview form and others will be basic questions. For example:

    • If you could visit any place, where would you visit and why?

    • What is your favorite part of being at school or work?

    • Tell me what your favorite color is. Why is it your favorite color?

    • What are some of your favorite things to do with your friends?

    • Do you have any pets at home? If yes, tell me about them.

  • There will not be any trick questions.

  • If the participant does not use verbal language to communicate and/or uses a communication device, they are welcome to participate and we can discuss their specific needs.

  • Buddies are allowed (and encouraged) to join the participant during the interview, which may increase the participant's comfort.


We will have volunteers helping with hair/makeup as available.

For sanitary reasons, we ask you to please bring your own makeup and makeup brushes. Please put any makeup in your bag of accessories to be turned in during registration. You may want to label your makeup bag with your name.

Parents/guardians are allowed to do their participants' hair and make up if they so choose.  If this is an option you are planning to utilize, please email mn@missamazing.org.

Hair and Makeup

Dinner will be provided at no charge to participants. Dinner will not be provided to parents/guardians on site. You are also welcome to bring your own dinner.

We will have snacks and water available all day for participants.

If there are specific dietary needs, please bring your own food in a lunch bag, and drop off with your accessories bag turned in at check in. If your participant has certain health/dietary needs, please make sure to note that in the medical form.


Introductions on stage

Each participant will introduce themselves on stage during the final show. Participants will be paired with a buddy who can help them if they freeze onstage. If the participant doesn't use verbal language to communicate, they can utilize a communication device and/or have their buddy assist in introducing them. Contestants should include basic information about themselves. For example:

“Hi, my name is Tiffany. I am 20 years old and I am from St. Paul. I love to make art, dance, and listen to Taylor Swift.”

Each participant will take stage with a right hand man for presentation in evening wear

presentation in evening wear

Each participant may have up to 90 seconds to showcase a talent on stage.  This skill area is completely optional.  We will have to cut off our participants at exactly 90 seconds in order to be fair to all.  Please edit any music you have to 90 seconds before sending it our way.  You can upload talent music here or email to mn@missamazing.org by March 30th.

Talent (optional)